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Memoirs of a Mall Walker- Part 1

I didn’t set out to become a mall walker. It was the furthest thing on my mind. I wanted to be outside. I wanted to see trees and sky as I walked, so initially I walked a golf course. In … Continue reading

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Fox Glacier/Knight’s Point/Queenstown(travel blog pt 8)

We awoke in Franz Josepf to a beautiful, clear morning and once again hit the road. It was a grueling day on the road, but with several beauty breaks that made it all worthwhile. Our first stop was Fox Glacier. … Continue reading

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A New Life…

Today is the day. No more postponing, no more “well maybe when this or that happens”…no more excuses. This last week, the entire month really, has been a wakeup call. Illness and health issues a plenty. So starting today, I … Continue reading

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to behold the beauty…

I hadn’t intended to make this a series of postings, but after yesterday’s post I find myself unable to think of anything else…so it continues… I’m one of those people who can spend 20 minutes staring when I’m overcome by … Continue reading

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A tree-hugger pauses…

My oldest friend recently sent me a link and addressed it to me as “my dear tree-hugging friend”. I had to laugh. We’ve been friends over 25 years now…and even back in high school she called me a tree-hugger. I … Continue reading

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