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Suicide Awareness

September is suicide prevention awareness month. It’s not the easiest thing to be aware of…but we have to change that. We really do. I’ve known two people that have killed themselves. One was the 19 year old son of a … Continue reading

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On Suffering

An online dictionary defines suffering as “the bearing of pain or distress…the state or an instance of enduring pain” ( It doesn’t classify it or categorize it by the degree of the pain or distress being experienced; but instead defines … Continue reading

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Simple Words

Nice. Kind. Sweet. By 5th grade I deeply hated those words, especially when they were ascribed to me. I remember my 5th grade teacher would select 2 student’s names every week and we would all write down what we liked … Continue reading

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Isn’t It Romantic?

I go back and forth over whether I consider myself a romantic or not. I tend to think of myself as practical and logical. To me, it’s the thought that counts; and I’m not one of those women who says … Continue reading

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But am I not supposed to?

As an intern, I work with a large number of pro bono clients; people who cannot afford to pay for someone who is fully licensed. I have had the privilege to work with the homeless, with former prostitutes, and with … Continue reading

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The Test

Today was the day. I’ve been studying for months for the big National Counselors Exam, a $320 test on all aspects of counseling. I set everything out I needed to bring the night before. Set my alarm. Got up. Showered. … Continue reading

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