Mt Cook/Lake Tekapo (travel blog pt 12)

The final day of our coach tour began by our final journey into the mountains to see Mt Cook. The weather could not have been more obliging. The vistas were stunning, the wind gently sweeping snow off the peaks.

A little sad, realizing it was all coming to an end, it felt fitting to make our final tourist stop at Lake Tekapo to see the Church of the Good Shepherd. There were quite a few people stopping to enjoy this very little church with the very big view. The Japanese ladies seen outside in this picture:

soon found their way down to the lakefront. In a divinely inspired moment, they began singing in Japanese a melody that was familiar to me. Without the words in English it took me a moment before realizing they were perfectly harmonizing to How Great Thou Art. It leveled me.

A short walk from the church was this monument to the sheepdogs that helped make New Zealand agriculturally great. Any country with a monument to a dog has a place in my heart.

Our tour ended that night back at the same hotel where it began in Christchurch. Yet another buffet, but this time with an M.C. and a singer to unite us with a medley of songs, culminating in Auld Lang Syne. There was a round of hugs, for me ending with Dianne, the Christian Aussie I met the first night who so staunchly became my protector early on in the trip. As she hugged me she whispered, “Stay close to Him.”

I still had one more day in New Zealand; one more day trip that I had planned for on my own. The coach tour had come to an end. I was beginning to think of the long trek home, and all the “life” waiting for me to address it when I got back. I pushed those thoughts out of my mind to make room for one more day.


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I'm a single Christian bookworm learning daily how much I don't know about ...well, everything. Instead of trying to find myself out "there", I'm trying to find myself in Him.
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2 Responses to Mt Cook/Lake Tekapo (travel blog pt 12)

  1. skycastles says:

    New Zealand is definitely an inspiring place to be.


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