Dunedin (travel blog part 11)

Dunedin is called the Edinburgh of the Southern Hemisphere. It’s train station (seen below) is the second most photographed building in the Southern Hemisphere (after the Sydney Opera House).

For the most part Dunedin is a big, industrial city. The biggest city (it seemed to me) that our tour visited. Downtown a few of us went on a tour of the Cadbury factory. Our tour guide was dressed a bit like an Oompa Loopma.

We hiked over a mile around the factory (which took up an entire city block), but up every flight of stairs and around every steaming hot chocolatey corner we were rewarded with more chocolate. Actually, after an hour of smelling chocolate, I had zero desire to eat any (sad, huh?)

The Dunedin area was not without the beauty that seems to come standard in New Zealand. We stopped off at Larnach Castle, where I made it up the very narrow turret to take pictures from the top (another triumph for me and my acrophobic knees).

The “castle” was really a manor estate with a stunning garden. Someone else now owns the estate and has been working hard to renovate and maintain the original air of the grounds.

From there we had morning tea at Glenfalloch Woodland Gardens, enjoying the grounds briefly before moving on.

Then we were off to Oamaru, a town famous for its limestone buildings and Victorian costumed dwellers and its Steampunk HQ.

Our journey for that day ended in Twizel, a small place in the middle of nowhere with lovely views of the mountains

and a display case with some Lord of the Rings items and a description of which scenes were shot nearby.

An Elvish Helmet

Sauron’s glove with the Ring.

Middle Earth never seemed too far away, no matter how far we traveled in a day. Sir Peter Jackson is really New Zealand’s favorite son; and so far, New Zealanders don’t seem to mind all the fans who flock there to glimpse Middle Earth for themselves.


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I'm a single Christian bookworm learning daily how much I don't know about ...well, everything. Instead of trying to find myself out "there", I'm trying to find myself in Him.
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